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TOTAL Athlete Training Club


The Total Athlete Training Club (TATC) offers a comprehensive development program designed for middle and high school athletes from a variety of sports disciplines. Our mission is to equip young athletes with the critical skills and knowledge necessary to excel both on and off the field. By integrating core tenets of health, fitness, and training, we aim to build a foundation for lifelong wellness.

At TATC, we believe in nurturing more than just physical strength. Our curriculum includes the teaching of moral and ethical decision-making, promoting the growth of character and integrity that will resonate in all aspects of life. We are committed to molding athletes who not only lead in their sports but also embody the values of leadership and sportsmanship in their daily lives.

Our vision is to see each member of the Total Athlete Training Club emerge with a distinctive advantage, distinguishing them from their contemporaries in their athletic pursuits. We are dedicated to preparing our athletes for sustained success, ensuring they are primed for a future of enduring health and prosperity.

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