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Please complete the health waiver and photo consent forms below to ensure your child's seamless and safe participation in our program. Thank you!

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Health & Fitness Waiver

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Photography consent & release form

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Support The Total Athlete Training club

The Total Athlete Training Club (TATC) is proud to be a donation-supported program, offering a comprehensive development experience for middle and high school athletes across various sports. 

We envision every participant of the Total Athlete Training Club to gain a distinctive advantage, propelling them ahead of their peers in their sports careers. We are passionate about preparing our athletes for a future marked by sustained achievement and lasting health.

If you find value in our program and its impact on young athletes, we invite you to support our mission. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will help us continue to provide this enriching experience to all athletes, regardless of their financial circumstances. Join us in nurturing the next generation of athletes and leaders.

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